iQunet sensor types - wireless battery operated

Sensor Node Types

All iQunet sensor devices are plug and play.  The intelligent sensors are battery operated and running wireless: no need for wires to connect your products or equipment to the internet!  The sensors have a small footprint and are easily be attached by screwing or even gluing them to assets.  Or just attach them to the wall with the related clips.   With only two standard CR3032 coin cells they perform their tasks without failure during many years.

The intelligent sensors have a microcontroller on board and run innovative and extremely stable embedded software.  Due to the iQunet sleep mode, the power use is extremely low and the batteries have longest life time in the market.  The optimized wireless protocol is based on the most recent standards, reducing the communication overhead to the minimum, while maximizing the data payload.

vibration sensor
Vibration monitoring sensor
​The iQunet wireless battery operated machine condition sensor combines a sensor, data collector and radio into one compact, battery-operated device that measures both vibration and temperature data. The sensor collects triple axis vibration overall levels.

tilt low power accelero meter
Inclination Monitoring Sensor
The iQunet inclination sensor monitors  inclination angle of machine components. Pitch and roll are collected in burst mode for monitoring purposes.  A guard roll parameter can be set to detect whether the machine component surpasses the set angle.  An alarm broadcast can be picked up by the iQunet actuator which can drive the machine PLC to switch off the machine.

leniar magnetic hall field sensor
Proximity Monitoring Sensor
The iQunet proximity sensor monitors (linear) distance of machine components. By measuring the magnetic field the accurate and easily programmable sensors are able to detect proximity of a magnet in a range of a few µm. This enables accurate monitoring of e.g. alignment and tension of conveyor belts over long periods of time.

proximity reed switch sensor
Proximity Switch Sensor
The magnetically actuated internal reed switch monitors wireless the presence of machine components. The normally open switch is closed in the presence of a magnet. This allows to collect wireless data about open or close status of e.g. doors, machine cycles, or detect the rotation speed of machinery.

CO2 humidity temperature sensor
VOC/CO2 Sensor (available 2017)
This wireless sensor measures VOC, CO2, Relative Humidity and temperature of the surrounding air.  This allows to monitor both wireless and battery operated the condition of the workplace air quality and monitor this according to the most recent regulations (e.g. Codex Welfare At Work in Belgium).

PIR proximity sensor
PIR motion sensor (available 2017)
The iQunet PIR motion sensor detects changes in the amount of infrared radiation impinging upon it using a passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view.  The wireless battery operated sensor allows to monitor zones and traffic and is therefore very useful to generate valuable data.

A virtual unlimited number of sensor devices can be connected to the base station or to the optional repeater/extender for even more reach.
typical single sensor setup
Example of a Single Sensor Setup (with optional Repeater)
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