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Wireless Battery Operated Sensors
iQunet sensors are used in various businesses and cover the exponential demand within the (Industrial) Internet of Things.  By connecting intelligent wireless battery operated sensors with the internet, the collected data brings smart-factories and smart-homes nearby.

Alternative wireless sensors and wireless sensor networks still suffer from the following problems in industrial environment and in buildings :

  • Unstable network (loss of connection)
  • High latency when building up the network (long response times)
  • High power consumption relative to the payload (the data) which limits battery life
  • Large dimension of the sensor nodes (due to the inherent larger batteries to fulfill life time)
iQunet creates therefore innovative solutions for reliable and intelligent wireless battery operated sensor nodes in a Wireless Private Area Network (WPAN) for both equipment and building monitoring.
iQunet develops, manufactures, and markets solutions for the above mentioned applications.   The iQunet innovative technology consists of :

  • Intelligent sensors: the sensors are equipped with most recent hardware chipsets:
    • Very compact with on board intelligence  
    • Sensors decide autonomously if measurements are needed and/or relevant to transmit  
    • Sensor parameters can be remotely configured
    • Highly stable embedded software upgradable over the air ​(as from 2017)
    • Transmission is secured and encrypted  
    • Very low power consumption
    • Sophisticated battery power management resulting in long battery live on only 2 standard coin cells.

  • Smart network: sensors are using state to the art network protocols which are managed to the essence to serve best the harsh wireless conditions in industry and buildings.  This offers following features:
    • Low latency, low overhead network (ultra-fast connection from sleep)
    • Lowest power consumption (longevity of batteries)
    • High security (against hacking)
    • Highly flexible (towards different applications in industry and buildings)
    • Utmost reliable (even in harsh building conditions)

iQunet sensors and iQunet network technology are introducing a major breakthrough in wireless battery operated applications for asset management in industry and buildings.  This enables our customers to connect their business equipment to the internet (connected operations), and / or make their products smarter by itself (connected products).  In short, Industry 4.0 !

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